Best cooperative games to play

The fun of cooperative games comes from the fact that people play with others instead of against them. They are perfect for families for bonding sessions to build problem-solving skills and teamwork among family members and groups. The players share resources and make decisions about the game while competing. The fun comes from playing rather than winning the game.

What are cooperative games?

Cooperative games provide the opportunity for the players to practice how to treat others in the real world. They learn skills like negotiation, sharing, listening among other beneficial skills for collaboration and teamwork. The greatest benefit of these games is the opportunity to practice collaborative skills, making them very useful in work, family, and education settings. See also the german version at

Legend of Andor
This cooperative game is set in Andor, a fantasy land and plays as five scenarios linked together. Even though it is a combat game, you don’t have to stop to fight every opponent as this would waste time which is needed to complete the objective. The game is good for those beginning cooperative games though it has only five scenarios. It can be played by 2-4 people aged 14 and above and takes 75 minutes to play.

Flash Point
For those who dream of being firefighters, this game will make you feel like you made it. With two modes, basic and advanced, the game is fun and features rescue of individuals and animals in danger of fires. The advanced mode adds exciting roles like driving fire trucks and ambulances, and more challenging fire hazards. It has five expansions that add new roles, maps, and hazards for more fun. It can be played by 1-6 people aged 10 and above and takes 45 minutes.

Legendary Encounters
This deck building game reconstructs the four Alien Films. Use the cards to relive some of the classic scenes in the movie. The game also introduces a “coordinate mechanism” allowing players to give assistance to their opponents, therefore, bolstering cooperation. The only challenge is that it’s almost impossible for 5 players and too easy solo; 2-3 players make the game sweet. It can be played by 1-5 players aged 17 and above and takes 45 minutes to play.

Robinson Crusoe
This cooperative game takes the quest on the legendary cursed island to a new level. If you enjoy games like Rogue Legacy that results in your death, then you will enjoy this one. It begins with you stranded on the beach with no shelter and just a little food. From here, things get worse. Together with your fellow players, you have to decide in what way you will address threats, get food, and explore the island while surviving the unforgiving weather. The game allows you little time to address all the challenges hence your death. The game has six scenarios, many cards, and a map all of which are different every time. It can be played by 1-4 people aged 14 and above for 120 minutes.

Samurai Spirit
Played by up to 7 people, you attempt the defense of a village from invaders. You have more than three rounds with cards which you have to decidethe best way of handling. It is a choice of either engaging the enemy or defend as you wait to attack in the next round. You can assist the other players in their battles hence the cooperative game spirit. It is ideal for those aged 9 and above and takes 30 minutes to play.

Pandemic is a very popular cooperative game. It plays very quickly within 45 minutes and accommodates 2-4 players aged 8 and above. After playing it severally, you can add variations to make it more challenging.

It is themed on the abolitionist movement attempting to transport slaves northwards to Canada. It weaves historical events and remarkable people, good and bad. The players do this while avoiding slave catchers. It is a tense game that will keep you challenged, frustrated, relieved and always on the lookout. It is played by 1-4 people aged 13 and above and takes 90 minutes.

Sentinels of the Multiverse
This card cooperative game is played by 2-5 people. You have a selection of ten superheroes to choose from to face off with one of the four super villains. Choose one of the four environments where the confrontation will take place. It presents you a new scenario each time. In the expansion, you can get more environments, villains, heroes, and for variety. This game is excellent for a family as it is engaging and can be played by those aged 8 and above for 60 minutes.